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Kamla means the Lotus flower, in Hindi. It emanates a beautiful fragrance. Likewise the fragrance of one’s mother’s kitchen is always the most beautiful. Ashok Kumar, the founder of Kamla GmbH, wants to bring the flavors of his mother’s kitchen to you. Hence he chose his mother’s name, ‘Kamla’, for this adventure with food.

Kamla GmbH is all about tickling your palate.  We provide authentic Indian, Asian and also a wide range of European cuisines.

We invite you to experience the range of our Menu.

Restaurant and Take away services

We are currently running Milchhüsli café– a restaurant, café and takeaway in Basel.
Missionsstrasse 61, 4055 Basel

Catering Services 

Kamla GmbH takes care of all your food needs at any kind of event. Be it a wedding or an anniversary, an office dinner or just any kind of party… we are there with a delicious range of menus.

Ashok Kumar (Director, Kamla GmbH)
Ashok Kumar from the northern state of Punjab in India. He moved to Switzerland in 2008. Eversince, he followed his passion for food. He worked as a Chef at a number of Restuarants in Switzerland and in Paris. In 2013 he completed his EidgenössischesBerufsattest (EBA) to become a certified professional Chef. He then further studied and obtainedFähigkeitsausweis (License to run Restuarants in Switzerland) in 2016.
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Mobile: 078 672 15 34 

Kamla GmbH
Starenweg 9, 4123 Allschwil.

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